U.S. & Canadian Taxes

Whether you want to be compliant with U.S. tax law or explore cross-border financial scenarios for tax purposes, many questions may not justify paying full accountants’ fees.

I know that taxes can be a stressful undertaking. Let me help take the stress out of U.S. and/or Canadian tax matters and other bookkeeping tasks.

I also help individuals organize their finances in preparation for the services of another accountant. List all IRS forms on website

U.S. Tax Forms

U.S. taxpayers living outside the U.S. often have to file obscure forms that even IRS agents themselves don’t know how to complete. Most software even excludes some of these forms. Accountants sometimes charge clients hundreds of dollars or more for such forms.

The truth is, these forms can be understood. I charge much less than accountants’ standard fees, and happily help you prepare your own future year tax returns if you prefer so you can save money down the road.

The many questions you need answers to…

Are you a U.S. citizen living in Canada? If you have no U.S. income, are you required to file income tax? Is filing tax returns in both countries required? Do you want to safely become compliant with U.S. tax law? If you own a business, how are you affected? When you gain an inheritance, will you have to pay taxes?

You likely have many questions. I can explain the answers to these questions in plain language so they are easily understood. You may also enjoy reading the basics: Do I have to file a tax return in the USA?

Make informed decisions. Know your options.

While issues such as treaty agreements may be complicated and overwhelming, I can help you understand what these agreements mean so you can decide what is best for you.

The nuances of the U.S. tax system… 

The IRS is not the relatively fair, friendly institution we enjoy in Canada, and key information can be buried in lengthy instruction documents – and obscurely worded even when found. See below for the story on how one Canadian Chartered Accountant’s well-meant efforts went sideways.

Audit Assistance

Should any correspondence arrive from the IRS, I provide complementary assistance to existing clients, and affordable assistance to others.

Here is an example of my persistence to get results:

I recently assisted a client after her Canadian accountant had taught herself how to do the client’s overdue U.S. tax returns. The result of this CA’s work was the client receiving a year’s worth of demanding letters and bills from the IRS. My client was overwhelmed. Her accountant didn’t know what to do next. Eventually, my client reached out and we met.

First, I corrected and re-submitted her returns, then proceeded to follow up with the IRS. The process ultimately became so complicated that I secured a direct line to the Technical Adviser of the whole IRS Streamlined Procedure office. It took a full year of phone calls, but we finally received confirmation of the expected result: zero tax, zero interest and penalties.

I have the knowledge, experience and persistence to get results!