Although US Tax Victoria places a high priority on thorough research and ongoing professional development, we are not chartered accountants. We make every effort before you hire us, to become aware and alert you to any aspect of the work you hire us for, for which we may be unqualified. In the unexpected event such information comes to light in the course of performing the agreed services, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible.

In this event, we will grant you the option of taking the task contracted with us to a different accountant of your choice, and to have all charges for that task waived by us. Alternatively, at your discretion, we will complete as much of the task as we judge ourselves competent to complete at a pre-agreed price, and you have the option to contract an accountant of your choice to complete the rest. In this event, we will attend, if you choose, a one time in-person meeting or conference call, free of charge, between you and the accountant you hire to complete the remainder of the agreed work, provided it does not require travel outside the Capital Regional District.

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