Forms Filled Under More Specialized Circumstances

DIY’ers, use these forms under special circumstances. I do recommend getting help with some of them, at least the first time you do them.

35203520A (Get help with these!)
Report TFSA's, RDSP's, RESP's.
4562(Used with Schedule C, self employment)
Depreciation (In Canada, Capital Cost Allowance)
5471and associated Schedules (Get help with these!)
US citizens file this if they own shares in a corporation that is "controlled" by US shareholders each owning at least 10%.
8621(Get help with these!)
Certain non-US mutual funds and ETF's, and certain corporations with passive income. (Handle these investments with care... they may taxed egregiously in the US).
8829(Used with Schedule C, self-employment)
Business use of home expenses
8833(Get help with these!)
Treaty-based return positions Used to avoid double taxation in a variety of scenarios, such as CPP/OAS income.
8891RRSP... Used ONLY when filing under amnesty (the "Streamlined Procedure").
8938(Get help with these!)
(Link: ***same article as FBAR article***)
Like the FBAR, but filed directly to the IRS, if the value of your assets exceed higher thresholds.
8949If you filed schedule D, use this form to itemize sales of securities.

Important recommendations:

  1. If you are a DIY’er, save yourself a headache, and have someone look over your returns to find any glaring oversights.  Let us do it at a fraction of the cost of an accountant!
  2. Do NOT file delinquent tax returns or FBARs with the IRS until you learn how to avoid penalties!