About U.S. Tax Victoria

My name is Orion Carrier and I am a Tax Preparer registered with the IRS, and EFILE-registered in both the United States and Canada. Amiable, conscientious and thorough, I am available for tax filings, bookkeeping and instruction.

I began as a computer engineering graduate from the University of Victoria, then worked in the high tech industry for five years. But fortuitously, several individuals I knew contracted me to research the U.S. tax system seeking to comply with U.S. tax law through the US tax amnesty program (known as the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure). My business grew quickly as many more U.S. citizens newly discovering the necessity to file U.S. taxes sought me out.

As a result, I have US tax experience with everything from RRSPs to real estate, and “treaty-based positions” to “controlled foreign corporation” reports.
I soon also began offering Canadian tax preparation services as well, allowing me to comment on cross-border situations with greater competence. I also assist owner-operators of Canadian corporations whose Canadian tax filings are relatively similar from year to year.

My independence enables me to personalize my services just to you, and my home-based business allows me to offer my them at rates below most others.
Assistance responding to inquiries from tax authorities is always complementary to existing clients.

Ever mindful of the extent of my expertise, I am committed to acting in your best interest even when that means recommending other professionals.