U.S. and Canadian tax filing

Keep life simple without paying high accountant fees.

I am Orion Carrier, owner and operator of U.S. Tax Victoria. I am a tax preparer registered with the IRS. I also provide Canadian tax filing and bookkeeping services for individuals and businesses. I am even available to meet you to discuss tax filings and bookkeeping at your home or office.

As an independent accountant, I am free to offer personalized service you would not normally receive from an accountant. And I work from home, so you save on overhead!

Ask about the penalty-free U.S. tax amnesty program! Helping US citizens living abroad affordably file taxes, or become compliant without penalty, is my specialty.

Services include:

  • U.S. and Canadian tax filings;
  • streamlined filings (US amnesty);
  • exploring tax scenarios and options;
  • U.S. citizenship renunciation or relinquishment;
  • assistance for DIY tax preparers;
  • assistance to certified accountants;
  • assistance to individuals preparing their records for an accountant; and
  • assistance with Canadian tax-shelter filings.

Tip of the Month: If you have no “ties” to the US, you may not be required to file taxes to relinquish U.S. citizenship.

Why Choose U.S. Tax Victoria?

Just as you save money by hiring a mediator before you hire a lawyer, choose U.S. Tax Victoria before feeling the need to hire an accountant. I can usually tell you in the first interview whether I will be able to provide the services you require.

If the advice of an accountant is required for any reason, I offer to attend these meetings with you free of charge, ensuring information is communicated clearly and precisely.

Contact info:

(t)  250.383.0625
(f)  778.730.0332
(e) orion@ustaxvictoria.com
Victoria, BC Canada (Residential address provided to clients.)